L300C | L300MC | L300MSC


  • Improvements in high speed mid-cutting, interrupted cutting, etc. with reinforcement of rib for bed of 45˚ tilt angle
  • Accomplishment of high accuracy with direct connection of each axis with ball screws and Servo motors
  • High speed, High rigidity axis structure with the highest output and torque within the same class
  • High response and improved accuracy with saddle type single unit structure of X axis
  • Adoption of Servo tool post with installation of high performance AC Servo motor and high rigidity 3-piece coupling
  • Thermally symmetrical head stock with increased main spindle’s diameter and thickness
  • An automatic measuring device, which can set the origin of the processed good within 30 seconds, is prepared as an optional feature


Horario de atención

Lu-Vie de 8 a 12 y de 13 a 18.