L280 Series


  • Single unit bed with tilt angle of 60˚ provides strong cutting ability and improve degree of processing
  • Accomplishment of high accuracy with direct connection of each axis with high precision ball screws and Servo motors
  • Complimented rigidity with high accuracy pretension double anchor support method
  • Reduction of non-cutting time (0->24m 0.1 sec)with acceleration of rapid feed speed to 24m/min
  • Adoption of Servo tool post with installation of high performance AC Servo motor and high rigidity 3-piece coupling
  • Turret with installation of 3 piece high accuracy coupling accomplishes high speed dividing (0.3 sec/1 step) with only rotational motion without up/down


Horario de atención

Lu-Vie de 8 a 12 y de 13 a 18.