i-CUT380T | i-CUT420T


  • Development of special main spindle specialized in Tapping Center (12,000 rpm)
  • Adoption of main spindle motor with high output and direct connection structure (11kW)(VX380T)
  • Rigid Tapping 6,000 rpm and installation of high volume Amp for main spindle (VX380T)
  • Acceleration/deceleration of main spindle 0.6 sec from 0 ⇔ to reach 12,000 rpm
  • Adoption of Ball screw and L/M for constant noise, constant speed, compactness (NHK)
  • The highest rapid feed speed in the same class (56m/min)
  • Steep bed structure for smooth Chip disposal


Horario de atención

Lu-Vie de 8 a 12 y de 13 a 18.