• Excellent powerful cutting with box type main spindle structure of minimized heat deformation
  • Respond to high precision and powerful cutting through adoption of 4 way 8 face locking structure for Y axis slide structure 4Way 8 plane restricted structure
  • Excellent torque at low speed through adoption of 2-speed gear shift system (KV60N: 74.5kfg.m, KV90: 109.3kfg.m)
  • Ball screw support structure with Double Anchor method
  • Solid box type frame structure for maintenance of high rigidity during mid-cutting
  • ATC structure of ultra precision combined Cam
  • Significantly improved disposal of chip and cutting oil with adoption of internal Spiral Chip Conveyor


Horario de atención

Lu-Vie de 8 a 12 y de 13 a 18.